Study Abroad

The Arabic Program at Yale University offers courses in Arabic in Morocco. Students are thereby able to learn Arabic immersively in an Arabic-speaking country. Students are assigned to live with local families, which gives them the opportunity to practice their Arabic in a supportive environment. Cultural excursions enable students to learn some of the important aspects of the culture and history of Morocco. This immersion contributes enormously to student learning.  In addition to the classroom work, which is based on Modern Standard Arabic, students take a course in Moroccan dialect. 


ARBC 130/502, Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I
ARBC 140/502, Intermediate Modern Standrad Arabic II
ARBC 150/504, Advanced Modern Standard Arabic I
ARBC 151/505, Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic II

Note: Yale students who successfully complete the Intermediate program will be eligible for admission to Advanced Modern Standard Arabic. Students from other institutions must take a placement test in order to determine their level.

For further information, contact Jonas Elbousty, director of Arabic Summer Abroad <>