Study Abroad

The Arabic Program at Yale University offers courses in Arabic in Morocco. With our rigorous program, students will be able to experience the cultural as well as dialectical aspects of Morocco. Students are assigned to local families which will give them the opportunity to practice their Arabic in a friendly environment as members of the host family. This will strengthen what they have already learned and provide them with a fresh atmosphere to learn the important aspects of the Arab family structure and the ways it functions in the host country. In addition to the classroom work, which is based on MSA, students will take an additional course in Moroccan dialect. Besides classroom learning, there will be excursions to interesting places, archaeological sites, and ancient institutions to learn some of the important aspects of the culture and history of Morocco. The purpose of these trips - which are organized by the summer Arabic program - is to enable students to combine the linguistical aspect of the country as well as its cultural and historical dimensions.


ARBC 130/502, Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I

ARBC 140/502, Intermediate Modern Standrad Arabic II


Students who finish these courses in our program abroad will be automatically admitted to Advanced MSA. Those who come from various institutions will be subjected to a placement test in order to determine their level.