I have studied for one semester of Arabic in my hometown, can I join the program for the second semester?

You will need to take a placement test to determine what kind of level you are so that you will be placed in the right course.

I have taken two semesters of Arabic and we used al-Kitaab, can I be in the second year?

You will need to take a placement test.

I took some Arabic in the past and I am not sure whether I should start from the beginning?

You will need to take a placement test.

I have not taken any Arabic but I feel that I could be placed in the second year, what should I do?

The best thing is to take a placement test.

Do you have a degrees in Arabic?

We have degrees in Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations or in Modern Middle Eastern Studies. You can take courses from a variety of departments. (consult dept administration).

I studied the first book of al-Kitaab (Alif Baa), can I join second semester of Arabic (L-2)?

You will need to take a placement test.

 I studied from Ahlan Wa Sahlan for one semester, can I be placed in L-2?

You will need to take a placement test.

I booked my ticket early and I have a conflict with the final exam, what should I do?

We abide by the University’s rules. If we have a final, it will be announced officially by the Registrar’s office.

I have to visit my family on the day of the test, can I re-schedule the test?

No excuses at all except for a religious holiday or a doctor’s note, or a Dean’s excuse.

My friend is coming to town, can I bring her to class?

You need permission from the instructor of your class.

I am a graduate student and never took Arabic, where do I start?

You are welcome to join L-1 (ARBC 110/501).