Classical Arabic

CLASSICAL ARABIC is offered for students wishing to pursue rigorous study of the language of the Qur’an and exegesis, the Hadith, and classical and medieval poetry and prose, including, history philosophy, theology and scientific texts.  Students may begin Classical Arabic after one full of year of Modern Standard Arabic and may thereby fulfil  the L3–L5 requirement.  

Both semesters of Intermediate Classical Arabic (ARBC 136 in the Fall, ARBC 146 in the Spring) are offered every year. This course is an intordiction to classical Arabic, with an emphasis on the necessary grammar and structures to focus on classical and medieval Arabic texts, including Qur’anic passages and literary material in both poetry and prose. The prerequisite for ARBC 136 is completion of L-2 or permission of the instructor.

Advanced Classical Arabic (ARBC 158 in the Fall, ARBC 159 in the Spring)—typically offered every other year—builds on the skills acquired in 136 & 146, with emphasis on vocabulary, grammar, and reading skills and strategies. Readings are drawn from such genres as biography, history, and poetry.

For further information about Classical Arabic at Yale, please contact:

Shawkat M. Toorawa
Profressor of Arabic Literature